BEI BADGIRL is an artist, designer and body positive advocate from Heaven. An expert in Cute (Kawaii かわいい), she draws inspiration from the Superflat movement, pop culture, and her own life experiences and obsessions. Her work reflects her playful attitude through 2.5D drawings and paintings of cute, sexy women, their pets, makeup, and possessions which in turn possess them. She has previously collaborated with Clinique, DC Comics, Hello Kitty, Mambo, My Little Pony, Red Bull and Sugarpill, and has exhibited her art all over the world. 

Her hobbies include sending memes and receipts to her bffs, going to Tokyo, hoarding swimwear, and spending approximately zero time swimming.

She currently lives in Melbourne, Australia, and believes girls can do anything. 


BA Fine Art (Printmedia), University of Sydney.